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Jordan Adams - Singer - Songwriter - Actor

That was then...

At the age of 12 Jordan decided that singing was going to play a huge part in his life and at 17 he took his first steps on stage. Jordan remembers being terrified by the audience!

Many years later and Intrigued to hear what his voice would sound like recorded professionally Jordan took his voice and love for music to a recording studio.

He then took his experiences in life and began to write original songs. This helped him to create his first Single and Album; However after being let down by a Record Label he left his music career behind and stepped out of the spotlight.

Nearly 10 years later Jordan took his first steps back onto the stage, combining his passion for Music and Theatre. He described the feeling of being in-front of an audience again as exhilarating!

As a boy he was told ‘You’re not anything special’, but as a man, his determination to perform, write and record music is as strong as ever!


The Staffordshire-based singer/songwriter's musical journey continues having reached the grand finals of the Open Mic UK talent contest and taken Musical Theatre and Classical Crossover music on the road and into the homes of the British public during "Live Lounge" events. Described by music lovers as “Outstanding” and “Beautiful”, Jordan’s most recent single Hold On is inspired by his journey and love for music.

His message: 

“Never give up, believe in yourself, hold on to your dreams... and you can achieve anything.”

Jordan Adams

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